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A Story that’ll be my first step to drawing some Good Luck

So when I read the post about writing a #goodluck story I kinda sniggered at myself. Good Luck & I somehow always seem to be headed in opposite directions. I really thought hard but could hardly recollect a single incident.

That gets me to say, I’m seriously hard on luck so if any of you know tips to increase good luck please share, I’ll be indebted. In fact that is one major reason that I wanted to write this post so I could get some help through the book 🙂 

Anyways last Sunday morning Asha pinged me on FB asking ‘hey, are you writing your #goodluck story’ (seriously community management must be learnt from her).

I replied ‘yes of course, that’s still pending

But, frankly I had no idea what to write. I kept telling myself ‘come on!  Your 29 years can’t be so bad that you don’t have even one narrative

Anyways Sunday passed, no #goodluck.. Monday started and half of it passed #goodluck still

However, during my metro journey back home yesterday, there were these two girls standing on opposite sides of me and speaking across to each other. It didn’t take me too long to understand that they were working for an event management company and the discussions were around preparations for the event on the 15th. And then in their conversation there was a mention of a DJ and something. That’s it; all of a sudden I was drifted back to my graduation days.

Delhi Metro is like my Peepal Tree, I tell you. I seem to get wonderful insights & solutions during my daily travel.



Now, rewinding back to December, 17th 2005 (only after typing I realized it’s almost going to be a decade, gosh!)

I was doing my graduation in Vallabh Vidyanagar (a place near Anand which is a conglomerate of educational institutions)

After a long day at college, as per our routine we group of friends met. We were 8 of us. Amidst other chatter, the topic shifted to what’s the plan for New Years? Each of us told about our choice of place where we wanted to go. Mt. Abu, Lonavla, Goa, Udaipur each destination name cropped up and passed as swiftly as they had risen. All these out station plans got cancelled because 3 of them had some assignments & projects stuff pending. Clearly, a trip wasn’t possible.

Then one of us exclaimed “hey, let’s go to baroda.”And another gave another reason and baroda idea too came crashing down.

8 people, obviously 16 views!!

I don’t clearly recall how but finally we all agreed on one thing – organizing a DJ night on the 31st in VVN only. Everyone seemed to be in sync with this thought. Though the 3 of them said they wouldn’t be able to give in their time but they will definitely join the event. Good enough. Never happened before so this would be interesting. The only aim was to have fun and a memorable experience.

The excitement began and plans started – the basement of a theater complex in VVN called SK Cinemas was zeroed down on. They had huge space in the basement.

We immediately zoomed off to SKC and then checked with the staff there, they readily agreed. To celebrate the first task checked off we watched Apaharan (I loved Ajay Devgan’s acting more than usual that day). We then decided to sit on the division of labour from the next day on. We left the discussion at the point that each one has to think over night and come up with a name for the group.

18th December – We called ourselves the EXOTICS, gave a proud smile to each other and began with sharing the responsibilities. Two people were in charge for creating the much needed excitement among the student folks (pre addiction to social media days). Me along with another girl had to rope in sponsors. One person was for arranging the DJ, getting banners readied, entry tickets printed and other miscellaneous tasks.

WOW! Three cheers!

19th December – the friend along with me got a call from home and had to urgently leave. I was slightly worried about how I would get in the sponsors but not that I complained as I knew others would obviously pitch in.

Frankly, though I’m slightly bad with numbers, I will never forget these figures. Our sponsorship worked like this –

6 Sponsors:

  • One main banner sponsor – Rs. 2500
  • Two side banner sponsors – Rs. 1500 each
  • Three sponsors for Logo mention in event ticket – Rs. 500

The climax – My bloody good luck was that within 4 days I alone got all the sponsors and had the full amount paid. No strategy, no presentation, no e-mails nothing… getting sponsors seemed like a child’s play. (Of course, two of them were those whose most loyal customers we were so they knew how to squeeze out the money later)  

Today, as an advocacy manager for Parentune responsible for getting brands on board, I know what real pain it is & that in 2005 a dash of good luck just happened to me that week. Getting cheques out of posh offices is a Herculean task, period.  

We sold 80 tickets. Both couple & stag entry cost the same, 150 bucks.

Our Expenses:

  • Place Rent – Rs. 5000
  • DJ Charge – Rs. 3000
  • Miscellaneous – Rs. 2500

In the end we were each left with Rs. 1200/- after blowing up 2000 on a success party.

Little joys did you say?? No, trust me it meant a lot for us then.. After all, all is well that ends with some profit.

If any of you readers think what’s good luck in this story, I’m sure you’ll agree as to why I need that book so badly :)))))))))


Thank you very much Ashwin Sanghi, Alok Sir & Asha as through this contest I refreshed myself with some splendid memories.




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  1. sunaina – i have a LIFE FULL of memories based in VVN 🙂 i did my entire schooling there. my parents live in anand. so every year i visit anand-vvn and re-live my wonderful childhood!

    little joys indeed!

    pls write to me to claim your book!

  2. Well said Sunaina!!!

    Could not have said Better than what you neatly put down above 🙂

    Liked the Cut To Scene, zoom in and zoom out of the sections as an analogy used very much!!!

    #GoodLuck to you in your Future Endeavors!

  3. glad the post reminded you of your awesome days :)) yes those little joys actually seem to be the most memorable and cherished.. 

  4. thanks a lotttt darshan :)) 

    best wishes to you too..

  5. Sunaina, Amazing to read your story.

    I am also having a hard time thinking back what helped me. Life is a cocktail indeed 🙂

    Hope the book brings you loads of “Bloody #GoodLuck”

  6. 🙂 Its strange how things happen, when you least expect them to be.. Really enjoyed your date with #GoodLuck..and I hope the trend continues!

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