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A true story of a new Start-up!!!—-Part – I

It’s been almost two months since all my personal and professional activities had come to a standstill. The symptoms started 6 months back. It was somewhere in February or March (Don’t remember exactly the date, may be my wife  should remember it),  A shiny bright day, I was getting ready to office and I never wanted to be late for any meetings and I had one on that morning. As usual my wife (Mrs.Lakshmi Vasudevan) came complaining that she is not getting enough of my time. Today, she forced me to listen to her. With no other option left, sat down to listen to her without knowing that it is going to lead to a new venture, new learning, new experience in the months to come.


She opened her hand bag and displayed a glossy, cheeky handmade necklace made of Glass beads. It was looking pretty and cool and I immediately said “You can buy it” and I will pay for it, hoping that she would be happy and that I can move to office. But, she said that she and Nithya Sugumarn (Sister-in-law) did it themself and that they learnt it from one of their friend and that both of them are learning to make jewelry made of semi-precious stones and beads. Immediately, I appreciated and left the place.




Two weeks later, I realized that these two in-law sisters have already completed close to 20 necklace and they have gone ahead and sold to their friends and neighbors. The next day when I came back from office saw Vidya and Nithya with 6 of their friends discussing over the jewelry that they have made. Surprised but left it to their will to see how it is all shaping up. Never encouraged nor subdued their moves and motives. But, deep within my heart I wanted them to convert it as a Start-up opportunity and I needed to wait and watch for a right time to make them do what they love to do.


It’s been 12 years I am married to Vidya and I always felt that she has got something in her that if she focuses it hard then she would create waves. I had been advising her to do something of her own -a Startup and promised to assist and guide her. She always used to close the topic with the reason that “Let the right time come”. I had even tried slowly pushing her to assist me in my start-ups, but in vein. Though she supported me, but it was all not full-fledged, as I could notice that her interests were not aligned with mine. Now I am wondering on how to make her understand that that she should pursue the jewelry making as a serious venture, the one which she does passionately. The reason for the same is that in the past 4 weeks I always saw a fire, thirst and a thrill  in her eyes and that she was exhibiting her passion in doing these articles. It has to be channelized correctly. I was waiting for an opportunity.


It so happened that I was planning to go to Vietnam and was participating in an international exhibition cum Trade fair through Assocham where I had double stall at my disposal. Suddenly an Idea struck me. I asked my wife if she can make 50 pieces of these jewelry in a short span of time which I can take it to Vietnam and try and display it in a corner of the stall. An attempt to see the response. Though the sisters were not thrilled about the idea of participating in the exhibition, they were thrilled about making of 50 pieces of jewelry and immediately accepted to do so. The motive was to get them committed and habitual in the task where they have exhibited both their skills and interest, for I was sure that they would be. I also had a feeling that they may not be able to complete 50 pieces and I can always give a reason to avoid taking it with me to Vietnam as I felt little awkward and uncomfortable to sell Imitation Jewelry in a stall where I have my IT solutions and products being displayed and standing with my coat and suit. Couldn’t  even Imagine how it would be to handle two different visitors to the stall one for IT solutions and other one for the Jewelry (eeeeek……@#$%^&*).


dsc06094Guess What!!! Destiny played its part. I was hanging like a Bat!!! No reasons!!! No Excuses!!! Lakshmi ensured that I packed all the jewelry in my travel box 60 pieces altogether. Close to 10 days these ladies completed these articles. They travelled all the way to Chennai in search for quality wholesalers for beads. Bought enough stocks along with adequate accessories.Priced it all. Found way to better packaging. Codified every piece. Took photographs and finally packed it all in my suitcase. They decided to drop out couple of my dresses to accommodate these articles and even forgot to intimate me. This is when we decided to name the venture as “Vaijayanthi Creations” if incase we were lucky to strike any deal at Vietnam. Always be prepared to accept surprises and opportunities that come on your way.


A day’s journey full of thoughts about having IT and Jewelry in the same stall and thinking of all possible scenarios to avoid the so called embarrassing scenarios. Thank God!!! Destiny again played a little favorable for me at the venue.



The bay next to my stall was vacant, a member Assocham informed me that the particular participant has not turned for the exhibition and the stall is empty. I requested him to offer the stall for me to display my 60 pieces of Jewelry which I have already carried to the venue. Immediately without any second thought, he gave the stall absolutely free for me and helped me by displaying the stall name. Immediately with the help of few Vietnam FB friends I could get two school kids to be translators eventually ended up as sales guys for Vaijayanthi Stall.



Guess What??? Sold out 55 pieces. Made a profit and beyond that realised that there is a huge market.


Lakshmi &Nithya were thrilled. They were jumping head on heals.


What next???


What happened to Vaijayanthi?


Where they able to startup?


What is it Vaijayanthi Creations doing now?



To be continued next weekend with Part II.


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  1. vasu,

    right from day one, you’ve had an amazing story to share with us. everytime you meet us, you share something unique! can’t wait to hear part ii ….. 🙂

  2. Thanks a ton Asha. Definitely I am sure Part II would be very interesting and I have lot of learnings here. 

  3. Wonderful and inspiring story! So glad to read it..

  4. Welcome Back Vasu 😉

  5. Splendid story!!

    ROCK ON… or in this case… BEAD ON & GEM ON!


    Etsy, Ebay, OLX, quickr, sulekha, etc per advertise karo free mein.

    Offer to sell by VPP cash on delivery (like Reader’s Digest) after confirming on phone. 

    Discounts for new customers by telling name of referrer would help you reduce fake orders and returns.

    (may be some token of appreciation for referring brand promoters of yours) .

    do create tie ups with marketing people who sell to beauty parlors might be helpful to get good display counters at parlors at cheap rates.

    May be also ask your Vietnamese marketing people for ideas to sell more out there.

    best wishes

  6. vasu – do get in touch with nameet potnis – you might need some sellmojo 🙂

  7. This is such a fabulous story! The story of true entrepreneurship! I have seen people jump into something they love and get really good at it! You can read about a college kid in Mumbai who wanted to start selling wholesale mangoes and successfully did so here

    I am building
    We have many entreprenuers sign up and start selling. If you need help setting up a store for the awesome Vaijayanthi Creations on Facebook let’s me know 🙂 it’s really simple 🙂
    I am also available on +919821765850 or

    Good luck with this. Let me know if I can help in any way 🙂

  8. Thanks Omkar, Sure… List is big…lot of work…miles to go before I Sleep, I Sleep…

    @Asha: Sure Will get in touch with Nameet. Thanks a ton.

  9. Sure Nameet, That’s very encouraging….Will talk to you shortly…Will definitely needing your support.

  10. That sounds good with support turning up from Rodinhoods. High time to get on with the second part of the story…Whats on now? I know Rodinhoods will get you a taller ladder if you can publish the second part of the story 😉

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