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Alok Kejriwal on Mentors in Startups – who they are and what you should see in them

Hey, I’m back with my next video! Thanks so much for your feedback on the previous ones. Based on your suggestions, I am sharing my take on MENTORS in Startups.

In this straight-from-the-heart video, I talk about MENTORS – who they are, what they mean, what kind of person you should be looking for, where do you find them and more…!

Check it out and tell me what you think in terms of content, ideas for improvement and MOST importantly topics that you want me to cover! Just add a comment and I will add it to my list!



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  1. Can you please include a transcript with each video ?

    Thanks !

    Dr Malpani

  2. A great and informative video Alok! Glad to be a part of this community.

  3. Thanks Alok, heard some great things on how the community of Rodinhoods has been built and I am a strong believer of Community because of having to have the privilidge to own on. I have been a mentor for the past 10 years for individuals who want to startup, what I bring to the table is my experience, love & belief I have for the startup, but was never able to explain that to those who never signed me up or every person other than my mentee. Those who have signed up with me, never question that, but those have not, always question my hidden intention when I tell them, you can meet me for coffee and we could have a quick session, they think it’s a marketing stunt, 🙁 or I am not an industry expert but just have the experience. It has so reached a point that I have stopped calling myself a mentor these days, my designation has a community builder on it not because I am ashamed of being a mentor, just with years of mentoring and learnings, just do not feel like I have the patience to explain to young entrepreneurs why I do the things I do. Just wanted to share this Coz for the first time, I heard another individual understand me, the Mentor, made sense even from a Mentor’s side. Hope to catch up with you for a min if possible on the 24th in BLR, if ur at Open House. Good day.

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