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Alok Rodinhood Kejriwal on YourStoryTV: Entrepreneurs in Mobile Gaming


YourStoryTV caught Alok at NASSCOM Product Conclave 2012 in Bangalore and have done a wonderful job interviewing him! They touched some interesting topics – entrepreneurs & investors; the success of gaming apps; the transition from PC to smart phones/tablets; learnings from entrepreneurship; personal interests on investments and mentoring entrepreneurs.

Kudos to the YourStoryTV team!

Some takeaways (and a few quotable quotes!)

i) “I don’t invest anybody else’s money but mine and therefore I have full faith in what I do.”

ii) “A lot of people are trying to becoming the next Angry Birds.”

iii) “Success in this business (gaming apps) is very well understood. The challenge is getting noticed.”

iv) “Can I be on the mobile devices they (consumers) switch on and can they find me easily?” [PC vs. smart phone challenges]

v) “The consumer just switched off a desktop and switched on an iPad – but you can’t do that to a real business.” [PC vs. smart phone challenges]

vi) “Just after you climbed Mt. Everest you figure you’ve climbed the wrong side. So you gotta climb down again and climb the next Mt. Everest.”

vii) “I want (to invest in) entrepreneurs who I envy!”

viii) “To me, it’s not finding entrepreneurs. It’s like finding myself in a bigger and better format!” [on personal interests on investments]

ix) “I think businesses that make people smile and laugh live forever.”

x) “I want to focus on the fun business.”

xi) “I’m always going to wear the entrepreneur hat. I’m gonna be an entrepreneur-investor; not investor-investor.”

xii) “My investment may be cash, time, sweat-toil-tears, contacts, boardroom discussions… I’m not a classical investor. I’m an entrepreneur helping entrepreneurs.”

xiii) “Sometimes not having a mentor brings out the best in you because you are naive. Innocence is the best insight you can ever have…”

xiv) “Entrepreneurship is the purest form of hobby-turned-passion-turned-profession.”

xv) “The greatest entrepreneurs in the world didn’t do a job. They did their hobby as a job.”


Click on the wrapper below for the youtube link to the video:


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  1. Great QnA by the yourstory team 🙂 .. Will be using some quotes from here.. especially the mt Everest one !

  2. What a way to end the Diwali week!

    Great insights, especially point – v) “The consumer just switched off a desktop and switched on an iPad – but you can’t do that to a real business.” [PC vs. smart phone challenges]. 

    Thanks Asha for posting this 🙂 

  3. vinay… 

    always a pleasure!


  4. Each and every sentence is a sermon for each and every entrepreneur 🙂 day by day, week by week our Rodinhood is becoming even more sharper and apt. enjoying the best rodinhooding moments !!!!  

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