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Alok — You are Just Awesome & Thanks for being like that!!

A couple of months back, I was in a serious trouble/confusion & was dumbstruck on what & how to do things. I was wondering all the time on how to go forward.

Thought to post here in rodinhood,but this is a big story kinda thing & have to write essays to thought of mailing Alok to ask for help to speak to him for 5 mins.

But i was pretty much sure that some one who is as big as Alok gets mails from people like me asking for help & suggestions & so doubted to ask initially.

As some advt says “Poochne me kya jaata hain” 😛 , i still mailed Alok with my mobile number.

Now Guess what, Alok called me 😀 😀 & gave me some invaluable advice 🙂

Alok,you are just awesome since none would have done this, but your passion/enthusiasm to support the community made you do this i guess.

I would be always grateful to you Alok & this one call is what i would remember for ever!!

Some Anon on Quora posted a question “Why Alok is so famous in the start up community?” and you can see my reply Here & add yours too :):). Let the Anon know that he is not only famous or a role model,for us he is more than that 😀 😀

Thanks a ton again!!

Please do continue guiding us!!


Venkatesh Thallam,
A Proud RodinHooder.


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  1. :-)) wow – you made my Sunday!!

  2. Glad that i did 😀

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