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An Entrepreneur’s Inspiration & Role Model!

Respected Alok,

                         I’m really thankful for all that you have done to the entrepreneurs/wannabe entrepreneurs/ students community or whoever.

Whenever I’m low on spirit, I try to read some self-help book but that effect would hardly stay there with me for long. Since the day I started reading your blog articles (through rodinhoods, FB, Twitter), I must say I just log on to for all that happens around the business world and eventually get myself recharged! 

I have had role models like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg but of late you have become my role model and source of inspiration. 

The Book of Magic!

When reading articles about Steve Jobs, I got to know that he read a book once a year called “Autobiography of a Yogi” and that was the only book he had in his iPad. One day my friend gave me that book to read, but I did not even open the book then! When I started following your posts, somewhere again I came across the same book. Eventually when I came to the Bangalore Rodinhood Mixer, I got it as a gift from you Mr.Alokji! 
Thank you for this wonderful book, I’m halfway done!

Pease accept my heartfelt gratitude for all the inspiration and confidence I have attained from you.

I would also like to thank my friend and colleague Abhi who introduced me to & you. Thank you Archana & Manas for proof-reading.

Keep Inspiring!

With Gratitude,


(Wannabe Entrepreneur) 




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  1. wow – thanks! made my day

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