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Angel Investor or Loan for business

Dear Friends,

Good Afternoon.

I am an Ex Army officer and is working with SAS Group in India. I am based out of Dehradun and my wife is into personalized women apparel/clothing. We have 1 child and is in class IV and now my wife would like to start her fashion studio in the city by opening up a store and going online either by an independent website or for the time being through Jabong / Snapdeal etc.

I would like to ask you for advice on the following matters.

1. We require funds to start a store of our own for which we require funds to either rent/lease a place or buy some commercial space by ourselves.

2. Since I have not served the full mandatory army service so not getting pension. I have a decent amount coming as salary but not enough to put in the business.

3. We require some angel investor or some bank loan to finance our project.

Apologies for being so blunt and straight forward but dont know as to how to go about the things. Since at the end of the day I too want to own or part of family business.

Request to please advice.


Major Abhishek Mani Sharma

+91 – 9634998373


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  1. hi abhishek,

    i think you should share this link here with tanya who is from zepo. she can give you some estimates on how much you will need to get a store online. she is very helpful.

    have you done some kind of research on how a physical boutique will do in your city? is there a gap there/room for more? if not, your wife could perhaps start with a facebook store and graduate to an ecom store depending on her infrastructure….?

  2. Hi Asha,

    As every army officer I too have a garage in my small house which is now been transformed by my wife into a small Fashion Studio and she uses her spare time to cater to her customers. Problem is we do not have walk n customer and thus the sale is not that much. Luckily her customers are loyal to her and are very persuasive to open some store in the city(Since we stay out of the Main Dehradun City).

    Worries are :

    1. Require funds to open / lease a store.

    2. For a site require pictures to be clicked and then put on the site for sale which itself is a issue.

    Yeah surely will touch base with Tanya and ask for advice.

    My Concern here is ” Angel Investor or Entrepreneurship Loans” since we need to have some physical store somewhere.


  3. Have you tried approaching a Bank?

    You need working capital! Thats what Banks love to provide

    And women entrepreneurs get lots of benefits…

  4. No I have not approached any bank . I feel they would be requiring a project report or something in writing. I m really worried as to how to go about it since Dehradun is a small place ….will the On Line store idea will work or we need to have an offline store as well for customer walk in.

    There is something more as CROWD FUNDING……its really tough


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