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Anyone in import/export Industry? or knows someone? Please help



So I just came to know about rodinhood from one of my friend, When I was wondering on how to take my first leap into this industry of my interest.

I just finished my graduation and want to take up entrepreneurship as a career. My family is into manufacturing field. But, I am interested in import and export.

I have no experience or idea from where to begin my journey in this field. So, I am here in rodinhood to seek help and guidance from the people who can connect me into this industry. I am hungry to learn the business first so would even love to add some value to an enterprise.

Please help me connect



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  1. welcome to therodinhoods ankit!

    since you are just minutes into your membership, the best way to go about helping yourself, is to begin browsing the content here. many posts will give you insights on how different entrepreneurs jumped into different ventures.

    so i would suggest you start here –

    scroll down and click on stories that interest you – trust me, we have a goldmine of entrepreneur experience & learnings here…

    happy reading!

  2. @ashaChaudhry: thank you!! Looking forward to meet some amazing entrepreneurs.

  3. Hi,

    Welcome To Rodinhoods

    You are at the Right Place.:)

    Visit these sites you will get some idea.



    Go to search some export-import groups like you can type export-import india,china.etc you will get some groups join them,associate with the people there,,talk with them,,you can find lots of consultants who can assist you to find customers for your products or services, verify them,talk to their former clients, dont trust anybody until you verify, at first try to close a small deal.

    There are lots of export promotion councils of indian government who promotes export, Register your company, get support, leads,etc.

    All the best !

  4. Hi Ankit Panchal

      I am into Imports and Exports, Ask me what ever queries you are having in mind even if they are silly too 🙂  I can Guide you step by step so that you can understand it well. 


    Sai Pothuri

  5. Ankit,

    For Every commodity import or export the rules,locations and tactics are different. If you can share some more specific details with me over a email, people with more information will be able to help in more constructive way.

    Best of luck with your search and research. 🙂

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