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Asha – You are truly the best editor we could ever have!




Wanted to share this testimonial from a long time.


I am sure everyone owes you a bit of this testimonial for all the efforts that you put in keeping Rodinhooders kicking and moving ahead. And thus in a sense – you are truly our ‘Asha’ (HOPE)!


Thanks a tonne Alok Ji for choosing Asha as the Editor of this wonderful platform created by you.


Long Live Rodinhoods! 


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  1. whoa! so i’ve been trying to figure out how to react to this one. i actually had to trouble alok and ask him to approve/decline this post.

    anamika…. you are extremely generous and unconditional with your encouraging comments – not just here but for EVERY POST YOU READ. which makes you a huge ‘chaheti’.

    since i’m a word lover and a scrabble lover, i need to let you know that actually alok never CHOSE me as editor. he had to CHASE me!!!! hahahahahahah! whenever he’d broach the topic i’d just say, “i’d rather be your friend who gives you feedback on your writings, than the person who cleans up your typos!” but then one day i realised he really really needed help with trhs. i could’t refuse something so earnest… something so genuine. and before i knew it, i had thousands of new friends!

    i love what i do here (knock wood). how many people can say that every morning?

    on trhs, each day brings in a new challenge. we are 4317 members and counting and that means a whole lot of different personalities to deal with. 9/10 emails i receive are from amazing people eager to give back and share whatever they can with fellow rodinhooders. but sometimes i do get the odd stinker from someone and that really bums me out. i then take a short break. grab a coffee. do something silly with my 5 yr old. and then send an email to any rocking rodinhooder who i’ve been meaning to thank for being so awesome. i think stinkers are meant as reminders, to thank all the rockstars for being a part of this community.

    no one owes me a testimonial anamika. the kind of content we get to read everyday is the biggest testimonial for all of us. we’re evolving each day and every single one of us contributes to the awesomeness of trhs. so pls celebrate & salute yourselves!

    i’ve been a writer for 20 years but now i try to encourage other people to write. what a perfect transition! so thank you ever so much for your very kind words. it means the world to me 🙂

  2. Agree 🙂

  3. I am definitely sure that on every post written by Rodin hoods on live with great support from Asha and my personal thanks and testimonial to Asha is that she genuinely helped and motivated me to write good Blog and discussion and in fact she went beyond and above to support my writing with all the resourcefulness and incredible mentoring. Asha, i think with such a support and commitment, there is no doubt Rodinhooders go and make this world very beautiful place to live!!

    Asha you are source of Fuel and encouragement for all the people keep improving their writing skills and you keep push them for excellence.

    Thanks Asha for being Inspiration for me….



  4. I am one of those entrepreneurs that was a little late to arrive to therodinhoods party, I found the site around mid 2011. And when I started scrolling back and reading all the content here I was clearly blown out of mind, (as I am sure many of you still are). A single repository of extremely high quality content, and the best part was that most of it was anecdotal!! I couldn’t fathom the fact that Alok could take time out of his crazy life and actually generate such excellent lessons for us to consume! I was hooked and still try from time to time to contribute to discussion where I feel I can add value. Over the past year and a half that I have been here, I have seen Therodinhoods grow like crazy!! Like Alok said a while ago, we have some seriously high quality content coming out of our community here and I feel childishly happy to be a part of it.

    Now, coming to Asha, time and again I have mentioned here on the site as well as on Facebook that a good, strong and active community always needs a strong community manager. Besides the sillyness such as the of posting questions I wanted to discuss under “Blogs” instead of “Ask” Asha has always been around. She is like a Custom Google search engine here at therodinhoods. [For eg. The other day Kanchan Bugga posted a question about having problems with IDEA in Delhi. Asha was not only able to answer her question but also inform her that Akosha is run by our very own rodinhooder and that she should get in touch with them.] I have seen this happen very often, where Asha directs entrepreneurs here towards others who might be able to help!

    I would just like to say a very big thank you to Alok for starting this, running this and keeping it going and to Asha for being a part of it and being the glue that sticks us together!

  5. I second this! I am still very new as compared to the other members at TRHS, but I know what Anamika means when she says Asha is the best editor! Kudos to you woman! You really are awesome. 🙂

    Much love.

  6. :))))

  7. Thanks Anamika for bringing this up 🙂 sometimes we assume too much when it comes to our own team and thats why we could never enough thank our parents for bringing us up and our Gurus for guiding us through our lives. Yes we all are indebted to Alok and Asha for the whole TRHS platform. I can’t imagine the entrepreneur eco system without the catalysts like TRHS. Sometimes some debts are good to carry with us to our graves and this is one of those debts where we all would love to be defaulters of what Asha has done for all of us. Long Live Asha, The Editor and long live The Rodinhoods 🙂   

  8. hey bhagwan!

    kuch zyaada nahin ho gaya????

    mandar!!!!! no debts. no one owes me anything! this is a community FOR ALL OF US!!!! all of YOU make the community…. i am just a rodinhooder with an editorial role… seriously. and i know you love trhs just as much as i do!

    heartfelt thanks to all of you…. humbled to bits…

  9. I’ve said this before and I say this again. Asha’s one of the more resourceful people I’ve come across. She is always willing to help, quick in responding to whatever that comes across her way, always trying to see what jugaad’s are possible (i.e. connecting rodinhooders with similar ideas) and above all a super cheerful lady – always happy.

    God bless you.

  10. thanks for the kind words (+blessings!) and the ‘jugaad’ tag ronak – it’s the perfect description and no word in english does justice to it! “synergies” is just some jargon!!

    p.s: now whenever i connect someone to someone i’m reminded this comment and of the magical word :))))))))))))))))

  11. I agree Asha is the best editor Rodinhood can ever have, She is realy decicated and very friendly
    thanks a ton for editing my article 🙂 next time i will send you edited and well formated article its a promise .
    Keep up the Good Work .

    Best of luck

    Prashant chauhan

  12. prashant,

    the first post always needs a little hand-holding! since it was on failure – an important issue in every entrepreneur’s life – it needed to be addressed.

    look at your second post – you are already a pro!

    so pls don’t thank me. thank yourself for sharing what your failures have taught you…


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