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ASK PRAJYOT about Mobile App Analytics & Performance

As a part of our ASK RODINHOODERS series, please meet Prajyot Mainkar from Goa! Yeah! He’s one of the few geek Rodinhooders based in Goa and is super passionate about “everything startup”! 

Prajyot very often helps folks from the startup ecosystem organise events in Goa. He’s very resourceful. He loves hanging out with entrepreneurs, especially to bounce ideas. In any normal conversation too, he picks up a simple problem and thinks how he can solve it via an app! Yeah, he’s totally appified :))))

He’s razor sharp and soaks-in insights he reads or listens to at events (do sit next to him at an event!). He is a columnist on gadgets and all things tech! He speaks at tech events. He’s stoked about contributing to trh and is perfect ASK material!


About Prajyot: 

“From being just a coffee lover to converting caffeine to code, passion of coding led me to explore several aspects in programming. This passion took a new wing when I founded a startup – Androcid – an app engineering firm based out of Goa.  

I have been the manager of Google’s Developer Group of GAUG (Goa Android Users Group) since 2011 and have been actively contributing in the space of Android.  Besides that, I have been active in the Android community and been assisting Android developers build new, compelling and well-received apps.

An entrepreneur by dream, Coder by Heart. Besides programming and “everything startup”, I love travelling and cycling.  


How can I be of any help? 

Feel free to reach out of to me for:

  • Improving app performances 
  • App analytics strategies
  • App store optimization 
  • Kickstarting your startup in Goa (oh yes, it’s not ‘just’ a party place anymore )
  • Suggestion/tips on – where to buy Goan cashew, booze, and where to stay in Goa”

Favorite quote: 

If your dream is not worth laughing at, it’s probably too small



Prajyot is following this page so hit him with all the queries you’ve got and do chase him on twitter @prajyotm ! He’s an interesting geek to be friends with!!



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  1. Hi Prajyot

    Mypoolin is a social payments platform that aims to change the way people have traditionally done peer to peer payments and their social planning (which go hand in hand).
    We consistently look forward to optimize our play store and app store conversions. any tips for us (specifically after exploring the content we have there) –

  2. Hi Asha,

    Thank you for having this section. Certainly looking forward to sharing my experience. Would be great to interact with fellow rodinhooders on the topics of analytics and performances. 


    Prajyot M

  3. Hi Rohit,

    Nice TRH-meeting. I had a quick glance of the app, there are a few suggestions which you can add to your listing. Take a look at one of my recent article on TRH (link). That would help your app listing to get some extra points for ASO. There are a few more suggestions, do you want me to post it here or email you? 



  4. hey guys, so the idea is to make this page (and every ASK RODINHOODER PAGE) a resource page for everyone to benefit from.

    rohit, what i suggest is after reading that particular article, you pls list down your queries so it’s easier for prajyot to answer specific ones here itself. 

  5. Hi Prajyot,

    I am founder of TruePal app (TruePal LLC.) which i launched in USA last year. I got good response and small Angel Funding. Now i am planning to launch my app in India and exploring options what is the right channel to do marketing. Is it facebook or FM. I need quick downloads due to the nature of my app. Else, it would be hard for me to retain my users. I want to launch app initially only in two cities – Delhi and Bangalore and want to get at least 10K installs each city. Please suggest.

    Thank you so much.


  6. Thanks Asha. Sure. 


    Thanks. Will check out the link you shared. 

    Yes, do share those extra pointers on email at 


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