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ASK RAMANUJ about Business Laws & How to make money by Selling Online Courses

As a part of our ASK RODINHOODERS series, we’ve got a legal adviser in the house! Meet Ramanuj Mukherjee who is passionate about startups, writing and fighting for what’s right. He is passionate about social causes. He is an active rodinhooder and is always happy to help folks.


Ramanuj is a lawyer by training, and an entrepreneur for the last 3 years. He worked as an M&A lawyer before starting his online business. He is a founder of online education company iPleaders which has offered paid online legal courses to 12,000+ learners in 14 countries. iPleaders counts top Universities and corporates amongst its clients and partners. Here is a legal course for entrepreneurs on how to do business in India and expand offered by NUJS Kolkata that has been pursued by 1000+ learners that Ramanuj conceptualized and helped to build.


Area of expertise:

Legal issues faced by early stage entrepreneurs

Sexual harassment at workplace

How to build an online community with 5000+ users

How to create niche blogs with 50,000+ monthly visitors

How you can create an online course and start earning on the side

How to take your online education business from 0-1 crore without funding in a year


Ramanuj is following this page – so feel free to ask him questions pertaining to his areas of expertise in the comments below.

On twitter he is @law_ninja



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  1. Hi Ramanuj,

    Can you guide us on below two queries

    How to take your online education business from 0-1 crore without funding in a year

    What legal formalities you need to take care of before starting Food truck business or any other start ups



  2. Hi Ramanuj,

    I am in the process of setting up my technology consulting business. Initially it is just me and for the same reason I am thinking of setting it up on the Solo Proprietor model instead of a Pvt Ltd company (prefer easy setup and maintenance for now). I have a few questions which I’d like to ask : 

    a) Going forward, like in the next 9-12 months (FY16-17), I hope to hire more people. Can I postpone the Pvt Ltd model till then, or should I go for it now ? Any advantages for each approach.

    b) I would be rendering my services to US based technology start-ups and would get payed in US$. My research says – a current account is all I would need (Sole proprietor model). Is it true ?

    c) Is service tax registration mandatory considering the turnover is expected to be greater than INR 9L. I read somewhere that it is not required in case of services being exported, but the sources are not very reliable. Please let me know about this as well.

    d) Is hiring a CA recommended or can things be managed by self.

    Looking forward to your expert advice.



    twitter : @gaganbindra

  3. Hey Ramanuj, I have a question. What is the typical cofounder agreement for two cofounders sitting in two different countries? I am in US and my cofounder is in India? What would you recommend as terms of the arrangement..

  4. Hi Ramanuj,

    Could you please respond to my question here –

    Arun Antony

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