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Attn E-Com Owners – Payment Gateways in India?

Hi… We have been using PayUmoney Payment Gateway for last 1 year… It works fairly well for our e-commerce site – India’s window to the world of art.

However we have been considering recently to tie up with PayTM for Payment Gateway. Hope everyone is aware this is different from PayTM Wallet. (FYI PayTM mobile app is a Wallet + Online Shopping)

I would really appreciate feedback on the PayTM Payment Gateway, its advantages / disadvantages… also anyone who has migrated from payumoney to another gateway…. why and what was the experience of the new gateway (and which one).

Some of the things I am looking for from an another payment gateway is:-

1. Mapping of a Transaction (e.g. Invoice No) at the PG’s Website where we (Merchant) login

2. Ability to try with multiple payment gateways. Hence if PG1 is down it moves to the other. This feature is offered by PayUBiz (Which we will tie up for International payments shortly… FYI: You need an Export-Import license to receive foreign remittance as per PayU)

3. High Transaction Success Rate

4. Retry features.. e.g. retry for a transaction

Many Thanks!

Samir Dahotre

Co-Founder, Artbugs | Founder – PERSPECTIVE – India Go To Market


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  1. hi samir,

    do use the search feature to chk out all the other posts on payment gateways – we have lots of info shared by rodinhooders in comments on such posts.

    also go to ASK TANYA – you will find it’s a great resource page for ecom players.

    she is no longer with zepo but like i mentioned, her page is a resource page in itself!

  2. Hello Samir,

    I have been using PayU Biz for for last 2 years. Initially used EBS, which was really bad. But have faced no problem with PayU Biz so far. Success rate is very good, very less failed rate. Custom Invoices is a life saver.

    Not sure about PayTM though..

  3. Samir,

    If you are working with PayU Money, why are you looking to shift to PayTM, instead look at PayU Biz, you being their existing customer they can offer you good rates and integration would also not take long.

    I would recommend PayU over PayTM.



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