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The Next Big Thing – Don’t Lust After The Glory, Lust After the Story

I have a writer friend.  This guy really has the chops to write a bestseller.  There is only one thi...Read More

Internet Marketing = Traffic Generation + Conversion Optimization

  Awarded the “Rodinstar” Post  of the week!!     Pic credit: John Brian ...Read More

Deal Alert – Fund this Baby for Superfast Internet Connections

This more of a repost than an actual post but I thought all you digital entreprenuers at Rodinhoods ...Read More

Creativity and the Entreprenuer

If you want the definitive toolkit* to creativity you need to read Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Mai...Read More

How to Inject Some Entrepreneur DNA into Your Bloodstream

One of the myths of the 20th century is that you are born with a set of genes that doesn’t cha...Read More

adTech – Email Marketing Bozos

The original title of this post was going to be ‘Why I won’t be going to see the bozos a...Read More

Stay Focusd

Just found this new app for the chrome browser.  StayFcousd.   Basically sets a timeline on how long...Read More

Why does Internet access pricing suck?

I just saw the Airtel 3G pricing.  It looks like their assumption of data consumption is still stuck...Read More

What is competitive advantage? Is it important?

I got into a bit of wrangle with one of my new found rodinhooder buuddies over something which is es...Read More

empirical interrogation needs a guardian angel….

  I was reading this article on Techcrunch which was a bounce back from an article by a Chinese Yale...Read More

200 years Explained in 4 minutes

Professor Hans is brilliant.  He gave a longer talk on the same subject on TED.  This is sort of rel...Read More

Chrome OS – Doomed Before It Is Out of the Gate (Brain Job #2)

Chrome OS is one big lemon just waiting to drop and get squashed under its own weight.  This has not...Read More

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