Author: Abhishek Barari

Why I feel sorry for E-Commerce Investors

I was recently helping a major label to optimize their operations and cash-flows. A major chunk of t...Read More

TheRodinhoods – The light when the future looks dark…

It’s the journey and not the destination which shapes up who we become in life. Exactly 3 year...Read More

Supply Side Constraint for office listings

Guys, need some help in brainstorming. In the past few months has been live, we hav...Read More

3 Myths about Funding

Ok. Let me be frank. This article is more of an outburst than gyan. Not that I’m some great st...Read More

E-Chai Debut in Mumbai

The Mumbai Metro is the best thing Mumbai has got from the government since Independence! The Metro ...Read More

The Perfect Launch

On the morning of the 19th July, 2014, I stood on the platform at Kandivali, waiting for a train to ...Read More

How do you rank the following in the order of priority when choosing a shared office?

Hi People! I’m doing a small survey to help understand what people would expect from the share...Read More

3 things I learnt from my extremely different startups

Recently I met a couple of friends at a Tapri (roadside tea vendor not to be confused with Tapori). ...Read More

Entrepreneurs need to be magicians

I recently met someone who “advised” us about our startup Qpeka. So we told him, we want...Read More

Co-Founder Percentages – Key to a Successful Venture

For those who are thinking of starting a new venture in partnership with other co-founders, I am sur...Read More

Getting the elusive First Office

Mumbai is the city of dreams. Every Mumbaikar is a dreamer including myself. During my days of pursu...Read More

3 Mistakes of my journey from CA to Startup

        Awarded the “RodinStar” Post    of the week!!   &n...Read More

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