Author: Akshay 'Backpacker' Chhugani

How I Backpacked my way to being an Entrepreneur

Here the story of how it all started (please excuse my writing skills) :  March 2007 : A spoilt brat...Read More

The Indian Backpacker Re-Launch

This March I had the most amazing opportunity to Re-Launch my Travel company The Indian Backpacker a...Read More

Thank you Alok for Negotiating

This Post is all about an article and its implementation that  had been posted a while back on thero...Read More

SME Exchange

How to get listed on the SME exchange ?? How is it better than being funded by PE, VC or a bank ?? A...Read More

Site Representation

Which are the best companies for “Site Representations” for online Ad Sales in India ?

Systems & Procedures for a Start up

I was recently speaking on the topic ‘Systems & Procedures’ at the CII Kerala Entrep...Read More

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