Author: Aman Jha

Why TOM never killed JERRY?

  Awarded the “Rodinstar” Post  of the week!! Tom was an Entrepreneur, sitting idle...Read More

Please Help Me with TAX Confusion!

Hello Everyone, After long time I have come out of hibernation. I have started up again. Right now I...Read More

Need to connect with Tshirt Printing Service Provider

Hello Everybody, I am into fabric and tshirt manufacturing and I also supply plain tshirt to few eco...Read More


Once again I am back with celebrating failure series but this time it’s not just post but an e...Read More

5 Moments of Realization in my life

courtesy –  Wi...Read More

Teachers I met outside the classroom!

I had so many teachers in my life, thanks to our education system. But very few of them are actually...Read More

Disown – Family or Startup!

Family is against business. Family wants you to take up a job. Family asks you to choose one of them...Read More

TRHS is Awesome!

TRHS is like some matrimonial portal, wherein it helps an Entrepreneur to find it’s to be cust...Read More

Entrepreneur – The Creator

This post is to give you an insight about an Entrepreneur. An Entrepreneur respects himself a lot an...Read More

Meet Yourselves!

How much time do you give to yourselves? Try answering the above question and you will realize, its ...Read More

BOW to Failure for victory!

Till the date if I have any achievement to boast about, it is no. of failures I had! I failed in aca...Read More

How to Set-up Low cost Food Joint?

I had been running a food joint sometimes ago, committed lot of blunders and learnt lot of lessons. ...Read More

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