Author: Aparna

Sthri: Kriti Vichare.The One with the funny hat

This is our opening act on Sthri- A few women. A series of posts on women entrepreneurs, their stori...Read More

Sthri – A few women: Series on Women Entrepreneurs

Celebrating women’s day Rodinhood Ishtylee.. We all have those moments we decide what we are going t...Read More

Lifetime value of “your” brand

You are “your” brand and everything you do matters! For startups especially, it’s ...Read More

SEO and everythingelse!

Hi folks, I opened my online store just about a month back. I have a designer on board ...Read More

Breaking a Habit..

I am sure all of us have this one habit that is haunting us may be it starts with a snooze button an...Read More

Hello..Rodinhooders from Chennai, Let’s meet for a coffee!

Hi, I am relatively new to this forum. I was just wondering if there are Rodinhooders in Chennai. If...Read More

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