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TheRodinhoods is looking for a Business Content Writer!

TheRodinhoods (TRH) is one of India’s most vibrant online startup communities.  At present we have 1...Read More

A Brand New TRH, 4 Minutes with Narayana Murthy and Wharton is Calling YOU!

Hola Rodinhooder! Welcome to the other side!! So yeah, we finally have a new site for you! After you...Read More

Heidi Roizen, Electric Motorcycles, Entrepreneur Tools, 12 Minute Noodles, Gestures & THE BIG MIGRATION! [Oct 1-7, 2016]

Kem Cho Rodinhooder! Every Navratri, my heart and soul find their way to Gujarat, and my feet implor...Read More

BERKSHIRE, Broken Kindles, Arty Shoes, Moojidoo, Martin Scorsese, SoulCafes & Wharton Beckons! [Sept 17-30, 2016]

Hey there Rodinhooder, We’re back from a very memorable TRH Open House in Bangalore. We had some inc...Read More

Participate in the 21st Wharton India Economic Forum (WIEF) Startup Competition 2017!

It’s that time of the year! The 21st Wharton India Economic Forum (WIEF) is hosting the fourth editi...Read More

See you tomorrow, Bengaluru!

My dear Rodinhooder, I’m super excited!! The stage is being set up for tomorrow’s TRH Bangalore Open...Read More

Taking Risks, Highlyreco, IMeYou, Stagephod, Russsh and see you in Bangalore! [Sept 10-16, 2016]

My dear Rodinhooder, It’s Friday and I’m back :). I just realised it’s also EVENT SEASON!! There are...Read More

Content Marketing, Customer Service, Cusps, Cement, FiFi & Running Alone for 5 yrs! [Sept 3-9, 2016]

Namaskar Rodinhooder! It’s been an enchanting week for me – hope for you as well! I’ve been travelli...Read More

Single Founders, Tattoos, Bulls, Bug Bites and Bangalore Beckons! [Aug 27-Sept 2, 2016]

Hey Rodinhooder, How did the week treat you? I had an adventurous one! I just came back from Mumbai ...Read More

What’s it like to be a single founder?

A couple of weeks ago I did a post on ‘How do Co-founders make up after an argument?’ Got me thinkin...Read More

Starship Amazon, App Dev Costs, Starting Up Q’s, Patanjali & How I Met Mulchand! [Aug 20-26, 2016]

My Dear Chef Rodinhooder, It’s Friday and I’m a tad sad today for a change! MasterChef Australia com...Read More

Mulchand, who runs two ventures – one during the week, one over the weekend!

  I have no recollection of how I became fb friends with Mulchand. All I remember is, admiring ...Read More

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