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Think.Do. Make your Laptop a Rodinhood – courtesy!

    Don’t you just love this pic? Thank you Abhik Prasad!     Can’t ...Read More

Rodinhood Tees & Skins. February Winners. Are you on the list??!!!

  I’m sure you’ve noticed the growing buzz on trhs. I’d like to thank all of you who have been ...Read More

Are you a RodinStar?!!!

At the risk of sounding repetitive, YOU GUYS ROCK!!! Have you seen the AMAZING CONTENT on trhs????!!...Read More

“I Want Everyone To Be A Businessman” – Alok’s interview on Vaahini

Recently, Alok was interviewed by Mamta Bharadwaj for Vaahini, an online network for professional wo...Read More

Think. Do. Win. Wear. Rodinhood. Tee. January. Winners. Announced!

  I must admit, I’m overwhelmed by the speed at which emails pop up in my inbox nowadays. I’m talkin...Read More

Alok’s Q & A session with Kabir Bedi at IMA International Management Conclave 2013

  So as you know, Alok was one of the speakers at IMA International Management Conclave 2013 (Indore...Read More

Alok at IMA International Management Conclave 2013

  Alok was one of the speakers at IMA International Management Conclave 2013 (Indore 19-20th Jan, 20...Read More

Watch TES 2012 – Can Mumbai Startup Ecosystem bounce back?

  For those of you who missed attending TES 2012 [TiE Entrepreneurial Summit] – commonly refer...Read More

December Tees – are you gonna wear Think.Do…?

So while December was season to be silly, we were lucky to have great content come our way. For the ...Read More

Funding Pitches – a new category!

So you have a great business idea. Even a plan! But you’re stuck for FUNDS…? You’re a cute lit...Read More

Introducing a new category – Advisors!

Hey everyone, We’ve started the new year with a new category called ADVISORS! As you all know, we ha...Read More

‘TheRodinhoods’ needs “flashy” people and other volunteers…!!!

Hey everyone, We’ve been trying to execute some cool new additions on the site. Introducing Ad Banne...Read More

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