Author: Anji Beeravalli

Looking for Customer Relationship Manager & budget friendly recruiters

Hello Everyone, We are looking to hire freshers for our customer success team. This is an urgent req...Read More

Evibe funding and feature in Times of India

Hello Everyone, Super delighted to share our tiny story that got featured on today’s Times of ...Read More

Looking for Technology Head at Evibe

Have you ever planned / been part of planning a party, be it a birthday for your niece, brother̵...Read More

Looking for Business development manager at Evibe (disrupting party planning)

As a Business Development Manager (BDM) you need to identify relevant vendors (venues, restaurants, ...Read More

How did you hire customer care reps for your startup?

Hello Everyone, We are looking to hire customer care representatives for our startup We ha...Read More

Please help me understand the average RoI on marketing for B2C companies.

Hello all, I am trying to understand how B2C startups like HolidayIQ, MustSeeIndia, Delyver (order/b...Read More

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