Author: Deep Malhotra

Running A Startup Is Like Being In A Twisted Martin Scorsese Thriller

So this is life….sipping a chilled drink by the beach on a Sunday afternoon, while listening to your...Read More

Zuck, Where Are My Clicks?

I believe entrepreneurship is building your ship in the middle of a storm, so that you sail to the s...Read More

WHAT the BECK…we are #3 !!!

UPDATE: AUG 4, 2016   Proud moment… BECK in top 3 of the top 20 Promising Tech Startups i...Read More

Be lean to make it BIG!

Funding, funding everywhere but not a penny to invest in YOUR startup! Well, that’s what you f...Read More

Why no one wants to rent an office to a startup?

So, you run a startup and have just about 2 more people working with you on this great idea which yo...Read More

Passion is overrated in the world of Startups!

Now I am sure, many of you won’t agree with me on the title of this post. I have seen enough a...Read More

Waiting for the tipping point in digital media…still?

Rewind back to the year 2004, digital media was the buzz word and talks of how it is influencing the...Read More

How we will sell digital advertising in India

*CHIME* go his glasses…as he wears his Google Glass to receive the incoming call. He screens t...Read More

Don’t be another jack Out of the Box

Jack jumps out from his box and shouts out loud ‘I don’t want to live in here anymore, I want to bui...Read More

How we sold digital advertising wrong in India

A list of the most common mistakes made in the process of selling the medium. Can anything be done a...Read More

Rethi, Cement & DotCom

In my mind I was clear, since my early years, that I would make my career in digital industry. I was...Read More

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