Author: Dgreatone21

Why you must be CCO rather than CEO in your startup?

Let me start with an outstanding quote said by Former CEO and cofounder of Apple Steve Jobs: “Get cl...Read More

Why our startup matters to every entrepreneur? 

Hello Entrepreneurs! I’m here with my startup but before that Let me tell you one story.. This...Read More

“Banat banat ban jai…!”

“Banat banat ban jai…!” What is the meaning of the above mentioned headline? Is it written or ...Read More


A must read for every entrepreneur! Hello to every Entrepreneur who is reading this piece of courage...Read More

The Dilemma of Doing Nothing!

Are you too running a startup and now pissed in a situation where you have to calm down and hand the...Read More

Why Being ‘Videotic’ is the future you always wondered!

Before jumping to this interesting issue, let me show you some of the Future-proof pillars of Vloggi...Read More

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