Author: Govind G Prajapati

Need some information : about revenues from apple and taxes from indian tax dept.

I have asked this question to Alok sir, via   Email but I thought why shouldn’t I ask it on ro...Read More

Diamond Lab Certs !!! Not a Just Another Diamond App.

Hello Everyone, We have just released the application called Diamond Lab Certs, and wanted to share ...Read More

Holidays in India — Indian way or MNC way

This is my take on public holidays. I would like start with a reference, we have a client in US, we ...Read More

Looking for “Marketing executive (Field Work Also)”

Looking for “Marketing executive (Field Work Also)” Interested candidates may send resume to us info...Read More

Five Things Every Entrepreneur Software Developer/ Software Development Company Should Know About Intellectual Property

(Not my own, copied from somewhere in 2009, just encountered a situation and I got it from my drive,...Read More

We Produce Great and Unique Web Site – NOESiS Consultancy

Hello Folks, This is Govind Prajapati, Co-Founder of NOESiS Consultancy (consultancy is just name we...Read More

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