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Advertising for a coaching class

Hi All I have started a coaching class for school and commerce students. To advertise the coaching i...Read More

Business teaches saving as much as earning!

I started my coaching class (3 yrs back) while still on job and it is my first experience in running...Read More

Is there a website for creating MCQ’s for testing/evaluation for free!

I am into teaching profession and would like to create MCQ – tests online. This test link will...Read More

Identify Scholars for Scholarships

It’s been two years of running my coaching class, teaching maths and science to students from school...Read More

How my Mom gets more than 1000 likes a week on her Facebook page !

Facebook marketing have books written on them. But I assure you that this article will make it simpl...Read More

Need a Mentor – Education Startup

About Myself- Have 8 years of corporate experience with 3 years into coding, 2 years in business dev...Read More

Need some understanding on the ad agency business

Hi Rodinhoods I want some dope on the ad agency business. Would like to connect with someone who has...Read More

HR please connect …need some help on my business concept

Dear all I am working on a business concept which deals with employee rewards program. The concept i...Read More

How does a Startup/SME survey to test market an idea

Hey Rodinhoods Please find my Problem Statement below: I am a startup or an SME . I have some idea i...Read More

Please suggest an online survey tool

Hi All … I am looking out for an online survey tool . Is there one which you can recommend. Al...Read More

Why are filters on the left side of the webpage ?

I have a query regarding web designing , which goes like this: On websites why are filters provided ...Read More

I am Brand – I am You

I am brand i am you View more presentations from hardiboy1981

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