Author: Kriti B Vichare

Finding the Low Hanging Fruit

The most important step in a new business is finding the first customer. And then finding the next c...Read More

(Comic) Keep it in Control

Ever seen intense video gamers? Their eyes are glazed and they are intently focusing on the screen. ...Read More

(Comic) No Pain No Gain

Ever been in an awkward situation? Ever kicked yourself for saying something foolish? Ever been a ro...Read More

(Comic) The Entrepreneur is a Chef

There’s nothing as savory and satisfying as a perfectly grilled startup. What are the ingredie...Read More

(Comic)True Lies: Building a Reputation

New entrepreneurs are overflowing with enthusiasm. They are creating their reputation, often from sc...Read More

(Comic) Freedom Fighters

What if someone told you that you could be wealthier and happier beyond your wildest dreams? Would y...Read More

(Comic) Living on the Edge: Startup Runway

“We are ready to take off. Fasten your safety belt.”  That is of course, until the plane...Read More

(Comic) Balancing the possible and the impossible

Is it feasible? Is it visionary? Can it be both? In creating a new product, a founder has to grapple...Read More

(Comic) Game Time Decision

You are face to face with your opponent, both of you vying for the win. Who’s move is next? Wh...Read More

(Comic) Entrepreneur’s Lessons from the Animal Kingdom

It’s a dog eat dog world.  The animal world provides insights and advice for new entrepreneurs...Read More

(Comic) Are you feeling lucky?

Ready to give up? Not lucky enough to ever be a good entrepreneur? New entrepreneurs are often frust...Read More

(Comic) Ideation Stagnation

You are gathered in a room with a facilitator and sticky notes are flying. You hope that after the s...Read More

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