Author: Natwar Maheshwari

Looking for a unique role

Hey all, I am Natwar and I run a startup called I also run a few events for startups and ...Read More

You got an IDEA, what’s next?

We all get ideas, big ones. We all have that moment, when we believe “THIS IS IT, THIS IS GOING TO B...Read More

Looking for Content curator (intern-ship)

Hey All, I am gonna keep this short and sweet 🙂  I am looking for someone who can curate industry sp...Read More

What did you do with your smart phone before you went to bed last night?

Hey All, I have a really simple question to ask people who use smart phones and data/wi-fi on their ...Read More

Food for Entrepreneurs

Happy Monday Fellow Rodinhooders, I have been to quite a few startup events in Bangalore and have se...Read More

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