Author: Nishchal Par

Need some real-world guidance on Event Management!

Hi, I have some questions with respect to the Event Management industry and I wanted some real-world...Read More

What do I do after shutting my business?

(My first reaction) Unlike what I otherwise write, this is not a ‘how to’ post rather th...Read More

3 simple strategies to grow your design business!

If you are a designer or run a design business your concern is always where the next project or clie...Read More

How to Attract Customers to your Exhibition Stand

Hi, I recently co-authored this guide, to on attracting customers to your exhibition stand. It will ...Read More

How to look like a Fortune 500 Company.

Hi, Just made a new guide to help small and medium sized companies with their identity design. I hav...Read More

Dear rejection, thank you for being you.

The joy and the high of acceptance, especially of your creation, cannot be explained. You feel elate...Read More

The push.

For someone who runs a startup design firm, it was scary to realize that most entrepreneurs design t...Read More

3 simple steps to create your company logo – An essential guide for startups.

  Hi guys, I’ve just created a short guide that can help you design a professional and versati...Read More

Logo, identity design and brand – a simple guide

A simple guide that explains the difference between a logo, identity design and a brand (nothing mor...Read More

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