Author: Nithya Prabu

1000 Days of Building Monkey Baba An Education Startup From Home By A Solo-Mompreneur

  Yes. You read it right.   It’s the 1000th day today since Monkey Baba was launched. This...Read More

Happy Guru Purnima

Every year, I look forward to this day, to thank all the people I crossed paths in my life so far. I...Read More

9 Key Entrepreneurial/Business Lessons From Mahabharata

9 Key Entrepreneurial/Business Lessons From Mahabharatha Some people find it surprising how we can s...Read More

32 Life Lessons…

Everyone we meet has a thing or two to teach us. Our mind constantly play with us offering ideas to ...Read More

Why aren’t you succeeding?

It’s that time of the year when our goals for the year are no more our priority, and when some...Read More

Monkey Baba (, Launching Today !

Hello folks,   Hope you are doing good.    I am super excited. It’s finally happening. The day I hav...Read More

Request for Non Resident Indians to connect via Rodinhood

Folks, let me admit.. I am seriously jealous of all the rodinhood meetings that is happening in Indi...Read More

What life lesson would you want to pass on to someone?

I found this question on Quora: “What life lesson would you want to pass on to someone?”...Read More


We all go through a phase every now and then (unless your heart is made of steel) wherein we feel li...Read More

to be an ‘entrepreneur’

“it takes 10 years to ‘be’ an entrepreneur. then it takes 10 entrepreneur years to create something....Read More

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