Author: Peeyoosh Kumar

How do I get this bank or any company to take my feedback seriously?

The other day I was browsing through a very renowned and govt. owned bank’s website, one of th...Read More

One Click Tatkal form fill IRCTC

Hi All, We often feel the same while booking tickets on IRCTC website specially tatkal tickets and i...Read More

How we got Our First client

Few months back one of my contact had introduced me to Rodinhood Forum. at first sight I wasn’...Read More

Five things to consider when creating a bring your own device (BYOD) policy

As employers and employees become more heavily dependent upon immediate communications through the u...Read More

10 cyber Security Tips for Startups and Small Business.

Broadband and information technology are powerful tools for small businesses to reach new markets an...Read More

Why Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing is Important for your Portal/Website/Web application?

Hi All, I own a Cyber Security Firm “Security Thinkerz“. Its in my habit that when ever ...Read More

Entrepreneurs Roadmap

When someone starts as an Entrepreneur, he/she has to keep many things in mind, he came across many ...Read More

5 Point Everyone

“Being an Entrepreneur is like sailing in a sinking ship, you jump from one ship to another ti...Read More

Company registration

Hi All, just wanted to know what would be best, initially for a startup to go for a “PVT. LTD ...Read More

How to drumup an Information Security Startup?

Hi All, Here is brief about my company: More

Security Thinkerz- An Information Security Startup

Hi All, I have started an company which deals which Information security, we provide services like V...Read More

Should Startups care about Website/Web Application security?

Many of the startup executives I meet think that application security is only for large companies, s...Read More

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