Author: Prateek Shah

9 Fundamental Reasons why most Digital Startups don’t Succeed in India

It’s 2016, and India’s startup scene is abuzz with excitement amidst a fair amount of gloom. Every d...Read More

10 Compelling reasons why you shouldn’t start up

1. Taxes. Do you know that while you can smartly save on some taxes, there are other unknown kind of...Read More

Learn to create Online Communities with two Rockstar Rodinhooders!

Wow! Life works in amazing ways or what 🙂 I became a member of the Rodinhoods community long back, a...Read More

Entrepreneurship, kya hai yeh entrepreneurship?

Jab kuch saal apna kaam karne ke baad bhi, der raat, sone se pehle, insaan gehen chintan mein yeh so...Read More

Peeche Pad Jaao

I started working at a bank right after my engineering, and barely a month or two into the job I kne...Read More

E Commerce : The Great Indian Palika Bazaar

I love e commerce. I really do. It has made life easier for a lot of people. It has also created lot...Read More

Social Media in 2015 : Trends, Tricks and Tips

The world is changing at a fast pace. Social Media changes much faster than the world. Yesterday’s s...Read More

Cafes Cafes everywhere, not many good ones to work from!

Hey everybody, So I was checking with my friends on facebook, and Asha rightly re directed me to ask...Read More

Thank you for all the smiles Mr Williams

Today is a sad day. We lost one of the most versatile actors Hollywood has ever seen, Robin Williams...Read More

Entrepreneurship is a lot like Parenthood

There is only one way to know how it feels to be a parent without being one…become an entrepre...Read More

Looking for PHP Developer

UrSqFt is a UK based real estate consultancy firm and the following requirement is based at its offi...Read More

Making Social Media work for SMEs and Startups

Even though social media was coined a common man’s medium when it came around, it is the big brands ...Read More

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