Author: Rahul Am

[Feedback on WordPress Plugin] Two Factor Authentication ( Spam Control ) with missed calls

Hello Guys, I have recently developed a WordPress plugin for implementing Two factor authentication ...Read More

[PreLaunch] Need feedback on new Text To Speech API for Indian Languages ( Hindi * )

Hi, We have just launched Beta API, for RICH Text to speech conversions. Need your help / feedback i...Read More

[An Idea] Speaking Missed Calls ( Building Database driven IVR over missed call )

Hi, Just thought of taking your feedback over our ongoing idea, Imagine, if you could interact with ...Read More

Wish to give away spare VPS to developers ( *At No Cost )

Hello, We have couple of spare VPS, which we had purchased for Build / Test / R&D…and some...Read More

[Developer’s Reference] Toll Free, Pin based login – Full Source code

Introduction: Pin Based login is a mechanism to authenticate user, by sending one time valid pin to ...Read More

[Pre-Launch Feedback] AdShout – Simple Voice Broadcasting Solution

Hi Guys, Some time back I had mentioned about working on some of the propitiatory call routing algor...Read More

Now you too can Instantly host Missed call Polls / Campaigns for receiving User Feedback.

Recently you might have come across several TV Advertisements, Reality Shows, News paper Campaigns a...Read More

Never Miss A Call with VoxBox Account – Solution for consumer / individuals

Do you often miss calls coz ur either busy on another call? or out of network area? No worries, get ...Read More

An Open Source approach to One Time Passwords ( OTP )

Hi, We thought of bringing a cost eliminating solution to One Time Passwords, and hence have started...Read More

[Market Scope] Providing Callback (Click2Call) solutions at one fourth rate

Hello, I was just thinking if we should also start providing callback solutions as well ( But at muc...Read More

[Feedback Request] “Plug-N-Play Plug-in” As an alternative to OTP & Captcha

The purpose of this post is to receive suggestions / feedback on the newly developed plugin ( as a r...Read More

From a product review request to potential customers in 10 hours…That’s TheRodinhood power

A few days ago one of my friend referred me to the ‘TheRodinhoods’ community. The obviou...Read More

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