Author: Rahul Varshneya

How to Cut Your App Development Costs by 50%

Gone are the days of traditional software development where the barrier to entry was prohibitively h...Read More

7 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Developing an App

There’s an incredible number of people who’re jumping ship (meaning existing jobs) into unfamiliar w...Read More

Relocated to Dallas, let’s catch up + advice on how to fast track your move to USA

Hey Rodinhooders, I’ve recently relocated to the Dallas area and would love to catch up with r...Read More

The Most Common Reason Why Outsourced Software Development Fails

While outsourced product development generally faces criticism over quality and deliveries, it’...Read More

What It Takes to Build a Tech Company When You Have No Technical Background

Did you ever think about building an app or website for your startup idea, even when you completely ...Read More

There’s No Such Thing as a Bug-Free App

A 120-ton space shuttle is waiting to be launched. There’s no human sitting in the control center, w...Read More

How to Setup a Million-Dollar Home Business

Are you one of those people that find hiring an office space and employees counterproductive? Would ...Read More

How Side Projects Can Be Your Path To Entrepreneurship

What’s common between Gmail, Twitter, Craigslist and Uber? They were all started as side proje...Read More

Startup God Paul Graham’s Life-Changing Advice for Entrepreneurs

This article was originally published in The Huffington Post. If you’re an aspiring entreprene...Read More

Looking for a Digital Marketing Manager

Arkenea Technologies, Pune is looking for a content-creating news junkie who lives for the chance to...Read More

Test Drive These 4 Elements to Increase Mobile App Traction

Apps that are successful have entrepreneurs behind them that are relentless. These entrepreneurs are...Read More

How Social Media Could Be Hurting Your Startup

This article was originally published in Inc Magazine. Just until a couple of years back, social med...Read More

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