Author: Rajat

Android /iOS Development – Candidate evaluation

Hello Rodinhooders! One of Alok’s last posts (one on remembering Steve Jobs) made me reevaluat...Read More

Web Developer Opening at

Hello, We run and are looking to hire a Web Developer (full time/part time) who ca...Read More

PHP Developer Required

Hello, It is upgradation time at! We are looking for either of the two options 1) ...Read More

Mentor-less! Looking for a Mentor for guidance.

Okay, so far my entrepreneurship has been going good. Not smooth but good in the sense that I am fin...Read More

Need a Writer cum Account Manager

Hello Everyone, We are looking for a Resume Writer cum Account Manager.  Requirement: We are in an u...Read More

Keep yourself sane when starting up

Starting up is not easy, especially when you are in India where most families and societies still di...Read More

Partners vs. Employees

Ok, so this is my first post here and as I was confused about what to write, I decided to pick up th...Read More

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