Author: Ruchit Garg

Farmers Fund – Can it be as easy as Netflix?

*Looking for volunteers* What if, you can enable & watch small farmers thrive, as easy as watchi...Read More

Early Preview: Harvesting – Analytics for your farmland

What is Harvesting? It’s a comprehensive dashboard built for farmers for them to see latest in...Read More

9slides just got acquired by Limeade!

This wasn’t going to be piece of cake, but I didn’t expect lemons either. I had left my ...Read More

Do you know if potential investor even looked at your pitch deck before saying No?

Hello All, I would love to get your feedback on our early version of the product we are working on. ...Read More

Looking for Tech savvy experienced Content Marketer

At 9Slides we help business present online effectively by making it easy for users to capture and de...Read More

Selling $1 million software everyday without sales team

  Atlassian is one of the popular B2B product company who sells about $1million software everyday wi...Read More

Commitment to win

    Awarded the “Rodinstar” Post  of the week!!   I recently met Alok Kej...Read More

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