Author: Saikat Sengupta

Meet Punam who brings Bihar’s Thekua (sweet dish) online!

I believe that the wave of entrepreneurship has opened a door of opportunities to everybody and Indi...Read More

Kolkata couple builds an Online Store while keeping their 9-to-5 jobs

He is a designer by profession and an ardent art lover. She is an MBA and comes from market research...Read More

Vishal Tupper – from HR in a Tea Company to building a Travel Venture

Vishal Tupper was the Head HR in a tea company. He was always an ‘outdoor person’ and never liked a ...Read More

Ranjeet left his job so people could create & consume content in any language

Here’s the story Ranjeet Pratap Singh, an entrepreneur who quit his job because he wanted to do thin...Read More

Select Keywords Wisely – Let’s Brainstorm on Keyword Research

After working so many years for multiple startups, I have realized that entrepreneurs (both tech and...Read More

She built an ecommerce venture from Kolkata and had a successful exit

Recently got connected with Atrai Ganguly (nee Mukherjee), an entrepreneur from Kolkata and recently...Read More

Started writing because a colleague was absent #GoodLuck

I had a knack for writing since my childhood, but never thought I would write for a living. I used t...Read More

Locat’r – Find anything you’re looking for!

Car stopped in the middle of the road – need to find a mechanic who can reach quickly? Don’t know wh...Read More

Tech Startup Looking for a Writer

Innofied, very fast growing web and mobile app development company with international clientele AND ...Read More

Pitch Perfect!

Hi Friends,  Hope you are doing well 🙂 Was wondering if you were aware of this weekly Pitch Workshop...Read More

And the journey begins

My problem is, I spend too much time to think the pros and cons – to analyze whether what I am...Read More

An Untold Story of a Failed Startup – 11 Lessons Learned

After working for nearly 5 years, a Kolkata boy decided to join his ex-colleagues turned friends who...Read More

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