Author: Sanchita Dutta

Price of Carelessness, when we ignored SSL certification deadline and Paid for it!!!

SSL Certification is normally needed for e-commerce sites and hence we had gone for the same at the ...Read More

FlashBack!! : Online E-Commerce E-COM Website Review:

      This casual first experience review of the now defunct site i had written way ...Read More

Why are the Goliaths of online business crumbling and Davids rising on eBay Marketplace and are probably the only two companies which have successfully established them...Read More

need web designers to provide e-com website on opencart platform…

currently selling thru ebay. planning to launch own e-com website by new year. domain already hosted...Read More

Mera Naam Joker

Currently in mainland at nasik at my parents place on leave. took the kids along with hubby to Amar ...Read More

Did Deccan Founder Capt Gopinath Change the Aviation Scenario for Good or Bad?

Was driving through on a busy road when I saw a few old stickers on a Travel Agents Shop Glass front...Read More

The Story of Four Friends: Ultakart, Kharidlo, ChandSitare, Dabang!! PART 2

A continued….   “ you remember how good was I with numbers and presentations. I made a smashing pres...Read More

How to earn a living by selling on EBay? A Beginner’s Guide

If you are looking to make money by simply posting some copied data on your website and looking for ...Read More

The Story of Four Friends: Ultakart, Kharidlo, ChandSitare, Dabang!!

There were four close friends. Lets call them A, B, C and D. All four were brilliant in studies, alw...Read More

Why was Sold for a Song? The inside story!!

Sachin Bansal promoted bought out E-Tree Marketing promoted for a valuation...Read More

Starting Up a new E-Commerce Website? Read this !!

Every other day I get a mail from some newly launched website asking me to check out their website t...Read More

Discount Selling: The New form of Targeted Advertising!

Advertising world continues to innovate in their quest to capture maximum eyeballs (and perhaps acco...Read More

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