Author: Sanket Saraf

Looking for help with SERP/SEO

Hey Guys! I have a small family run textile business and I recently put up my website using WP. My w...Read More

Graphic Artist/Designer

Hey guys, I’m looking for a full time graphic artist/designer for making vector print designs ...Read More

How do you find the purpose of your life?

I’ve been working with my Dad for 6 years, importing and trading textiles. I realized, the wor...Read More

App for Parking

Has anyone seen an app for parking space in Mumbai like this one?

Gully Cricket/Beach Football App

Anyone heard of an app which can connect me to Gully Cricket/Beach Football players? Like this one &...Read More

Why don’t wholesalers/retailers list their best prices online?

  I spent a frustrating 3 hours trying to get the best deal for a laptop (SVE15123) at Lamington roa...Read More

How did you find your business idea?

It could’ve been by brainstorming, finding an article on some obscure website, noticing a post...Read More

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