Author: Sharad Singh

The Market Timing Clock

“Is this the right time to invest ?” “Abhi kya lagta hai market kaa?” “...Read More

5 Hacks to create an awesome presentation

  Awarded the  “RodinStar” Post   of the week!!     We always want our pr...Read More

Get Richer with First low-cost, zero commissions, robo-advisor in India.

  Hello Dear Rodinhooders,   I request your 5 minutes today to showcase my new launch Inve...Read More

The FinTech Mafia and the Firing Machine at TRH Open House

Have you ever been fired at? 10 times? Within 3 minutes? That’s what happened at the FinTech panel d...Read More

When my dad said “WHAT THE !@$#”…

My kid was turning 3 in a few days and we had planned a family get together. My parents had come ove...Read More

Common questions on Investing

I would like to thank Yuvraj for some really good questions on investing. I am putting the answers a...Read More

Rohit Sharma, 264. We are ready for the world cup…!!!

Rohit Sharma single handedly annihilated Sri Lanka in the recent ODI with an explosive 264. The knoc...Read More Big Billion sale is a passé. Here is a 2 Lakh Diwali bonus.

Dear Friends, Imagine a 2 lakh Diwali bonus. What would you do with that? We may latch up to the e-s...Read More

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