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Media Coverage – Thanks To TRHS

Things happen when you least expect them. And things SURELY happen if you are part of TRHS. So the s...Read More

Full Stack Magento Developer – Jaipur Based Fine Jewellery E-commerce Brand

About KuberBox: KuberBox Lifestyle Pvt. Ltd. is a Jaipur based web startup with a vision to revoluti...Read More

Can You Help Me Market This Important Message?

Rodinhooders, the team at KuberBox has come up with this brilliant idea to encourage and incentivize...Read More

Graphic Design Freelancers Wanted

Read On Only If You Appreciate Clean Uncluttered Design  About the company: KuberBox is an online st...Read More

365 Days Of Unemployment

  Awarded the “Rodinstar” Post  of the week!!     Well, it’s kinda 390 Da...Read More

Need help in preparing a report on E-commerce in India

Rodinhooders, I am working on a presentation that highlights the opportunities in e-commerce in Indi...Read More

Connecting Android Tablets to Overhead Projectors

Hello guys, We wish to include the use of Android Tablets for our sales pitch (ppt, xls, video files...Read More

Personal Views on Hero Honda re-branding

Originally posted at   I am no marketing guru, neither do I have any e...Read More

If anybody is buying, we’re selling !!

We are a group of three student entrepreneurs and inspired by, we started ww...Read More

Facebook app developer

Hi there,   I am looking for a facebook app developer (amateur).   Drop a mail to souravlodha@yahoo....Read More

Embedding URLs in youtube videos.

The tech guys at Rodinhoods, please answer my query..   Is there a way to embed an html link in the ...Read More

SEO for my web startup

Hello everyone,   I am thinking of SEO for my website but I have no idea how to go about doing it. I...Read More

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