Author: Sunaina Shenoy

Ashish, The Cakeman who delivers feelings not cakes!

“About 2 decades back, as a kid studying in a hostel I always longed to get letters from my ne...Read More

Startup stories the Bollywood way – Alok chats with Naveen Tewari at TechCrunch’13

Before you start reading this post, you might first want to start out by mentally ticking the releva...Read More

A Travel through Traveller Kids’ Journey

It was the innovation in a fascinating visiting card that caught Alok’s eye at a Kids Expo in Delhi....Read More

Fireside chat with Sanjay Sethi

Fireside chat with Sanjay Sethi hosted by Startup Grind was an amazing event and of great value to a...Read More

Starting a company – An Insider’s Perspective (Brief Videos by Sumant Mandal)

Managing Director of Clearstone Ventures, Sumant Mandal shares his insightful thoughts via crisp vid...Read More

Alok Kejriwal’s Interview with India Brand Equity Foundation

While Half Girlfriend is yet to hit the stands and as you await to read it, don’t miss out this 5 Po...Read More

Weekly Newsletter: May 31- June 6, 2014

Editor’s note: This is the first of our many guest newsletters to come! Have an awesome weeken...Read More

Finqa @Delhi OpenHouse

Thank you Asha and the TRHS team for giving us an opportunity to present at the Open House in Gurgao...Read More

Rodinhoodnis who have Shaped Successful Ventures!

‘A woman is like a tea bag – you never know how strong she is until she gets in hot water. ...Read More

Thanks to TRHS; FINQA is born!!!

Thanks a zillion to the cup that was full to the brim, it helped me find a co-founder for my venture...Read More

Gaming in Personal Finance – Will it get a Good Score?

Gamification, one of those buzz words of the internet industry is definitely a powerful tool with ev...Read More

Personal Finance& Business Finance: Make the Best of Both!

As entrepreneurs engrossed in our businesses we sometimes tend to overlook many of our personal aspe...Read More

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