Author: Sushrut Munje

It is a World of Women at SILA

When SILA was launched in early 2010, we intended it to be an equal opportunities workplace, and 25%...Read More

Leadership Lessons from Suresh Prabhu’s Desk

Suresh Prabhu was roped in as the Union Railway minister in a systematic manner for a track record o...Read More

Branding and Boba Fett

The famous villainous assassin from the Star Wars stories, Boba Fett, makes for a fascinating subjec...Read More

Building a Good Company

“Be like Bill, and build a good company.” – Ben Horowitz I kid you not, Ben wrote this way bef...Read More

Amazing Asha is Amazing

Amazing Asha deserves to win the People’s Champion category, because we are voting for her onl...Read More

Customer Service: The Talking Wall

Information Age has truly seen an explosion of how-to articles and experts have sprung up for almost...Read More

5 Entrepreneurial Learnings of 2015

Last year was a culmination of sorts for my four year old kiddo Hammer and Mop. We had entered a ‘ma...Read More

Introducing 100 Days of Melody

It was through sheer luck that I met Aruna Jade the musician (thanks to delightful AIESECers at NMIM...Read More

Meet Neeta, who understands interaction design.

It was lucky bumping into Neeta Khanuja (interaction designer, post graduate from National Institute...Read More

Meet Roohi, who loves the challenge.

I’ve always looked at her in part admiration, part intrigue. The work jumps have been interesting to...Read More

Just Zimmber – Meet Amit Kumar, co founder

From equipment manufacturing to production lines, Amit Kumar has a solid 14 years of execution &...Read More

Platform Developers for the biggest home services company pan India.

Job Description At Mr. Homecare, we are looking to build a crack software development team including...Read More

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