Author: Tejas Jasani

Well…I don’t trust you!

Trust A few months back, I witnessed an almost invisible example of trust. It was late afternoon and...Read More

6-hour workday – Learnings and conclusion

To improve productivity and give more personal time to our team members, we introduced the 6-hour wo...Read More

The 6 hour-workday – an ongoing experiment

As the CEO of mobile gaming company, TheAppGuruz, I am always keen to learn and implement newer ways...Read More

Need help in making monetization strategy for my Snakes & Ladders 3D mobile game

Hello, We have been working on a mobile game called Snakes & Ladders 3D since almost a year now....Read More

Looking for feedback on Android Cricket App from the Cricket loving Rodinhooders !!

Hello Rodinhooders !! We have recently launched a Live Cricket Score app on Android play store  Link...Read More

Looking for a Mentor

Hello Everyone, I am quite new to the community and finding it pretty interesting ! To introduce mys...Read More

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