Author: Vishal Khandelwal

What my little girl taught me about investing wisely

“Why can’t I buy that toy, papa?”   “You already have another one like that.”   “But why can’t I buy...Read More

Do You Have a Marketing Department?

“What kind of question is this?” you may ask. Okay, let me ask it this way – “Is your marketing depa...Read More

Who else wants to become a sensible, successful investor?

Hi, If you are a stock market investor, no wonder you think the game is rigged against you… No wonde...Read More

How to Become a Successful Investor? Grandma Knows Best

The way we conduct ourselves in real life has a lot to do with what we’ve learnt from our pare...Read More

The Sure-Shot Way to Become a Successful Investor

What has been your experience? Which of these has been the biggest factor in your success as an inve...Read More

So, what is your business?

Simple question, isn’t it?  You see, nothing may seem simpler or more obvious to a business owner or...Read More

Is your ‘About’ page delivering your big promise?

Hi,   What do you do first on you arrival to a new country? You pick up a tour guide, right?   This ...Read More

What Colour is Your Duck?

“Colour the duck yellow, and her umbrella green,” instructed the kindergarten teacher to her student...Read More

Bad luck to you!

Luck plays a very critical role in how we live our lives.   But despite what you may think, good luc...Read More

Have you ever failed?

Have you ever failed in your life? Failed in relationship? Failed in partnership? Failed in friendsh...Read More

What keeps you going?

“Think not of the consequence. Consequences shall be thinking of you. How you did it, why and ...Read More

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