Author: Vishwesh Shetty

Hello Hola – Learn as you type!

I have been trying to learn Spanish since almost 2 years now. Not that I am a very slow learner, I a...Read More

(Comic) How much do we raise?

After seeing few comics around here I was tempted to share this. Something I had worked on few weeks...Read More

Screw fundraising, that’s not what startup is about!

I would like to keep this post interactive, as you read further there are few questions that I have ...Read More

Journey of 3 athletes  –  any resemblances to startup environment is purely intentional

In a valley far far away, there were 3 young athletes – Ramesh, Suresh and Ganesh. Each had a ...Read More

Funds needed for a Social Media Tool – EasyHashtag

Hi, I am Vishwesh Shetty founder of Adevole, a Social Apps Development Company. We have come up with...Read More

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