Author: Vivek Srinivasan

Perseverance dies a silent death – Zoomo

If every plan that we ever imagined was going to play out as we had thought, everyone would be a mil...Read More

What would our grandchildren consider classics?

It is safe to say that; content is in a state of 911. I find very few sources where I can get conten...Read More

Valuing things that cannot be measured

Ask anyone; “Who do you think is the most successful person you know?” They will immediately name th...Read More

Imposter Syndrome is about achieving Potential

Karmanye vadhikaraste Ma Phaleshu Kadachana, Ma Karmaphalaheturbhurma Te Sangostvakarmani This is pe...Read More

Success and Failure

Humans like to look at others and say whether someone is successful or not. As much as we enjoy talk...Read More

Selling – How it works…

There are many different terminologies that are often used when it comes to explaining sales. Most p...Read More

‘Fail Fast’ is about Decisiveness

Fail fast is one of the worst expressions coined and even worse understood terminologies. Most start...Read More

Starting a Startup is like Cooking a dish whose recipe you do not know!

I have always maintained that starting a startup is like cooking a dish, whose recipe you do not kno...Read More

Helping Innovators Innovate – Hello Tomorrow

Are you a startup working on an innovation, which is less than 2 years old and which has raised less...Read More

Windowing Music – Helping Artists Monetise Music

The sales of CDs and records has been falling for years. When iTunes arrived and online sales of mus...Read More

Trolling – Who Benefits?

There is a lot of discussion currently about the BigBillionDay campaign which Flipkart had run. Flip...Read More

Women and Equality

Last week I had been a women’s entrepreneurship event wanting to get a deeper sense of the kind of s...Read More

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