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Babaji and his Magic – The incident on the Mountain

Last week, just around this time, I was on the Doonagiri Mountain near Ranikhet (India), visiting Babaji’s Cave.

We (about 27 pilgrims) had reached the base hill of the cave at 1030 am and had slowly begun to climb up, towards the cave.

From my last year’s experience, I had decided to take it easy and walk slowly towards the cave which was at a steep incline. I planned to take my own sweet 1+ hour to reach the top of the cave.

I wanted to be relaxed and comfortable when I reached the cave – not tired and panting.

Daya – the group leader, had instructed all the pilgrims to maintain silence as we began our climb and inspired us to keep our thoughts on Babaji. After all, walking and climbing was part of the meditation that we were here to enjoy.

As I began walking up the hill, I began mentally conversing with Babaji.

I said these things to him:

“Babaji, how can I be help you in your task of making people understand Kriya Yoga?”

“Babaji, I am a tech guy. I work on Internet and Mobile projects. How can I work on your platform of spirituality and yoga, given that my line of work is so different from yours?”

“Babaji, how can I help you, achieve your goals?”

These were the thoughts that were running through my mind.

A while later, my wife and I saw 2 sages coming towards us, from the opposite side of the narrow path.

One sage was dressed in orange robes and the other sage (who was older) was wearing white robes.

Just when the sages came near us, we both bowed reverently to them (as a practice, my wife and I always bow to sages).

The sage in the orange robe smiled, spoke to me and asked me where I was from, how I was liking the mountains and if I felt the difference between the city and the hills.

I acknowledged that I was enjoying myself.

The sage in the white robe just looked at us. He did not say anything.

Then, the sage in the orange robe asked me, “Do you meditate?”

I said, “Yes Sir.”

He looked at me and said, “Just meditate. What you are supposed to do will be told to you.”

I acknowledged his view without thinking about it too much.

While talking to him, I was standing on the edge of a ridge, and even though I had complete control of my balance, a lady traveler who had just caught up with us, exclaimed, “Alok, watch out – you are on the edge..!!”

The sage in the orange robe looked at her, smiled and then said ever so casually, “Oh, don’t worry. ‘He’ will take care. Nothing will happen.”

That was the end of the conversation, and we all moved ahead.

I did not give the meeting or conversation much thought, and went up to the cave and meditated there.

The next day, we drove back to the Kathgodam station to catch the train back to Delhi.

As always, prior to dinner, all of us pilgrims sat in a circle and shared our experiences of the trip.

The fourth pilgrim who spoke said, “There were these two sages in White and Orange robes whom I met. The white robed sage did not speak, but the orange robe one answered a question that was on my mind….”

Shivers ran down my spine when I heard this.

It struck me that the sage in orange robes had done exactly the same with me! He had told me to “Meditate and wait for instructions” –  as if they were the answers to questions that I was posing to Babaji!

When my turn came, I excitedly narrated my story.

After a few more pilgrims had spoken, 2 other pilgrims confirmed the same story – that the sage in orange had read their minds and answered their questions.

The second last pilgrim to speak said, “I met these sages and talked to them. Then, when I was meditating in the Cave, I kept praying to Babaji to meet me. After I while, I received a message that said, “But I just met you….”

All of us were really ecstatic about having met these two sages and wondered who they really were. We knew that we had experienced something quite divine.

Now, interestingly, the story isn’t over yet.

On Tuesday, while meditating, I told Babaji in my thoughts, “Babaji, please tell me who the two sages were. Was there a connection between you and and them?”

On Thursday morning, Manu Khanna – a pilgrim of the LAST TRIP posted this image, on her own accord on the facebook group of Babaji’s cave!!

Notice the color of the robes of the sages!

From left to right  are – Babaji, Lahiri Mahasaya, Sri Sri Yukteswar Giri and Paramhansa Yogananda.

Just via this innocent and unsolicited update, I had received my answer….



I simply wanted to share this story and rekindle the belief in the powers of the great sages and gods who still live amongst us…



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