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“Banat banat ban jai…!”

“Banat banat ban jai…!”

What is the meaning of the above mentioned headline? Is it written or spoken by any known great individual? What does it exactly represent?

Yes the answer is – I’ve read this amazing line in one of my favorite books of all time called ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’.Today I thought to connect the meaning of this amazing 4 words with entrepreneurship. So here I go folks:

First of all let me tell you the name of the great person who used to say this amazing line to his disciples. He is Lahiri Mahasaya, the great Indian Yogi who became immortal through concentration on his spiritual eye (between the two eyebrows) and left us in amazement with his wonderful Kriya yoga.

The above headline can be translated as “Keep trying, one day your hard work will be rewarded!” Lahiri ji used to say this line to motivate his disciples to keep trying meditation.

Why I’m writing this on an entrepreneurial blog? Is it worth of your time reading this article?

Yes my sir. Just have faith in those words.

What’s the connection with entrepreneurship?

Do you know any successful entrepreneur who just skyrocketed his/her venture in the very 1st attempt? If yes, will you call him/her an entrepreneur?

Every great entrepreneur you follow, every great personality you like, every great human being you’ve read off are all examples of this amazing line “banat banat ban jai…!”

From Alexander to the Nicola tesla, from Mahatma Gandhiji to Einstein, from the wright brothers to the Steve jobs, from the Dhirubhai ambani to Elon musk…each & everybody you name it were master of one art. i.e KEEP TRYING.

What does it takes?

Well mastering this art takes a lot of courage you see. Whatever you are trying to accomplish, there are tons of obstructions waiting for you. Some from the same path, some from family, some from society or even from nature. But the only thing you’ll need to overcome this fear is courage. Simple as that. Rest will follow automatically once you’ve started.

But How to master this art?

Start small! If you are an entrepreneur start dividing your daily work in smaller parts and try to analyze what’s more important and what will waste your energy? After that, you’ll automatically reminded by your wonderful brain about the obstructions which will come if you’ll start working on.

Divide the obstructions too into smaller ones by going deep into it and have a look if they still feel like obstructions to fear from? You see, when you’ll fail in solving smaller obstructions you’ll definitely give yourself a second chance again & again and the moment you clear it, you are ready to again defeat the other small obstructions!

Start clearing obstructions first, and then working into smaller parts will not exhaust you totally and every day you will master the art of keep trying. I bet you all entrepreneurs, just give this technique a chance in your life and you’ll see the amazement which I’ve been experiencing from a while.

Who am I to teach you this principles? I have just jotted down my learnings from the two books I have read namely “The monk who sold his Ferrari” and “Autobiography of a Yogi”. I’ll be happy to connect if I have contributed any good thing for your mind! You can ping me for any errors too!

I’m an Entrepreneur by passion and have shared my case of being trying here. If you can help by any means, you are welcome!



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I'm Deepak Pandey an Enterpreneur from Mumbai who loves nature and aws on her magics!

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