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Be a Johny Lever. Here is Why.


The ‘Johny’ who is not the Hero but the ‘Lever’ to our happiness.


Watching an old film on Television often takes me back to times when characters were simple to decode and very predictable. The Hero had a set of responsibilities to fulfil, heroism to showcase, serve the society, take care of everyone around him and finally win the hearts of one and all. The Heroine on the other hand made herself the most desirable girl anyone would love to have as his girl friend or wife, someone who a mother-in-law would love to have as his son’s wife and the one who is portrayed as the epitome of beauty and perfection.

So is this blog about them, the Hero and the Heroine? No.

This is about the Johny Lever of every movie. The one who stands by, expects least exposure, gets scolded by the Hero for his silliness, helps the people who actually need him at crisis and despite all keeps smiling and making others feel happy at a given situation. He would blabber nonsense to make the situation light in mood, laugh uncontrollably to drive in immense joy into the scene, crack jokes out of the blue to help the humour stay in scene always – all so effortlessly that you actually don’t notice him doing this all.

There are also chances that you may not talk about him after you have walked out of the theatre. His name won’t be mentioned prominently while retelling the film’s story to your friends. You may perhaps appreciate but not actually ponder on his abilities. That would be a waste of time and anyways your point of concern should be the leads and definitely not the side.

But there is something that makes me appreciate, take notice of and actually feel good about the Johny Lever of every movie:

P.S.: No matter who plays the role of ‘Johny Lever’, the below points are about the ‘role’ which is portrayed by one actor or the other in most of our Bollywood movies but we least talk about it in our discussions post watching the film.

Below are few points which can indeed teach us some good lessons. I am giving it a genuine try.

–          When in an intense situation, he keeps the ray of positiveness bright and shining. He stands by his character/role (which is to spread joy) even in difficult situations.

Lesson: No matter how impossible the situation seems to be, a ‘smiling you’ can actually resolve it by not leaving the ray of hope fade away along with your tensions.

–          If someone needs a help or a lending hand, he is always there – undoubtedly and without any questions.

Lesson: This is a wonderful point. Be least mindful of questions that arises when someone asks for your help – should you or shouldn’t you. Rather just be helpful if you can and feel good about yourself.   

–          He doesn’t mind even if you ignore him in special occasions. He never complains or asks you questions making situations difficult. He just makes sure that his presence is there when it’s actually needed.

Lesson: Don’t seek attention always. It’s actually not necessary. Keep doing what you are best at and you will be noticed for all the good reasons.

–          He would crack jokes in grim situations and shift the mood from heavy to extremely light. It’s kind of magic that happens to your emotions. You suddenly feel relaxed and start believing that everything will be fine.

Lesson: Only a true entrepreneur can see the bright side and crack a joke upon his failures or on situations that seem to be out of his grip. Be one such. Be humorous always – it’s something which only a handful can do. Let’s keep the serious attitudes just for those board meetings.

–          He is very trustworthy. The lead characters hold faith in none but him. They trust him with anything from information to emotions. They are very sure that ‘He’ will not break their confidence in him in any situation.

Lesson: Be trustworthy. Those who trust you know your importance in their lives.

Be a Johny Lever. Shine and make life of others too happy!

Sometimes, it’s so good to be doing the side role instead of the Main Lead.

Thanks for the read!

Anamika Joshi – A Proud Rodinhooder!


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  1. a very meaningful and thought-out post anamika… you’re analogy is bang on!

    and i think, you’ve just succeeded in coining a very important term: Johny Lever!


  2. Thanks Asha! Was watching a movie day before yesterday and keenly noticed his role in it. The story had started weaving words since then. I am happy that I could sit and pen down this.

  3. Superb post Anamika!!!

    Its so realistic and meaningful… would try to be Johny Lever!!! 😉

  4. Thanks rupesh for the read. There is a dearth of johny levers in our life… Good that you will try being one 😉

  5. Excellent Anamika, keep the humour in heart & Focus in Brain, nothing can beat us!! motivating Article.

  6. Thanks Shashidhara. “Humor in Heart & Focus in Brain” is a great way to put the whole thing. 🙂 Thanks again!

  7. Terrific thought & post. This is what i tried in my first job, where i was surrounded by seniors with vast experience, & as a fresher was not expected to contribute much. But i couldn’t help it that i was not getting the credit for the work done & slowly started to get frustrated.An empanelment pitch for an ad account made me shed the role & there was no looking back after that.

  8. Thanks a lot Praveen. Could relate to your experience as I come from the same industry. Keep doing good!!

    Thanks for the read.

  9. * Liked *

  10. Gud one Anamika. I liked it.

  11. very creative and inspiring 🙂

  12. Hey Rabi… Good to see you here!!!! I am glad you liked it!

  13. haha Im usually here reading to most of the amazing posts you guys share 😉

  14. Nice post …

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