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Be a part of our journey to simplify the way we discover content on the internet

Twelve months back Pavneet and I started Knowledge Maps as a tool to make online learning efficient for self learners throughout the world. And today we are happy to announce that we are looking to expand beyond the two of us. We are looking for some amazingly awesome people to work along with.

First version of Knowledge Maps

Current version

For us, culture and vision forms a big part of our working environment. So, if you:

  • Like what we do – be in sync with our vision and the value that Knowledge Maps offers.

  • Think that we’ll be some cool people to work with (one can only work properly if they are in the company of people they like).

  • Work because you are having fun while doing it (this according to us is the only right way to do work)

  • Are given a choice between an intellectual discussion, going out with friends and learning a skill; you figure out a way to do all three (who likes choices when you can have it all)
  • Like all the batman movies 😉

If you agree with with the first and the second point, hold your horses for a while. We haven’t shared our vision and who we are yet.

Coming onto the first thing – Our Vision

We want to map all the content on the internet according to the problem it helps people solve.

We feel this is important because there is so much content on the internet that it becomes difficult to find the best content that helps in solving a problem.

If you have managed to solve a problem on the internet, you have managed to find the best resources, and achieved a task that most people struggle with.

We want you to share these resources with the world. While doing so, we also want you to remember what you learned from each link, by enabling you to highlight, annotate and make notes in real time.

Why we started Knowledge Maps

Both of us have acquired all our coding and entrepreneurial skills by self learning from various online resources. Through this platform we are trying to solve the problems that we faced while doing so.

A little bit about ourselves

We don’t want to give you a short bio about our achievements, and which schools we went to, but help you know who we are, what you can learn from us and what we can learn from you.

Learning is super important for us because at the end of the day both of us and the rest of our team are a product of the company and its values.

What you can learn from Pavneet

  • Everything related mountains

  • Spirituality

  • User Acquisition

What Pavneet is interested in learning

  • Dancing

  • Housekeeping

What you can learn from Arjun

  • Persistence

  • Intellectual discussions on startups, physics, psychology, or anything intriguing.

  • Spirituality

  • Making lip smacking cold coffee

What Arjun can learn from you

  • Tap dance and B-Boying

  • Graphic Design

Roles we are looking forward to:

If you think that Knowledge Maps is a startup that you would love to join, here are the roles that we are looking to fill up:


We are looking for interns in content creation (creating maps and writing blogs), social account engagement and management, community building, design and user acquisition. Incase you are good at coding and like to code in PHP, we can create an internship position for that as well.

In order to apply just create a map on anything that you are learning these days and send us a mail at (Please don’t mail your resume)

Looking forward to hear from our future kickass team members.

You can reach out to me on twitter @arjun_tuli.

Check out the platform here:


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  1. hey arjun,

    i liked how you’ve shared what folks can learn from both of you and what you both need to learn from others!

    all the best with the interns – you need an army of them from the sounds of this post!!!

    btw, do they need to be based in any particular location? where are both of you based nowadays?? do mention!

  2. Hi Asha, 

    Thanks! We are all about learning and unlearning. 🙂 Indeed, we need an army of them. 

    The internship would be work from home, and if we really like the work of the internee, we’ll pay them a stipend. 

    As of now, I am based in Chandigarh, and Pavneet is in Santiago.

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