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Because it is required!

When you are in a job, what do you dread about, the most? Not getting long leaves! The flexibility – like a switch that allows you to work on and off. A permanent job will never give both of them. What other option do we have? Freelancing? Nah. Along with flexibility, it brings in uncertainty of income that is difficult to deal with. How else do I go for a Himalayan base camp trek OR a 3-month wildlife photography course and hold on to a job as well!?

A platform like Workflexi is more relevant now than ever before! Workflexi started off as a platform for senior professionals looking for consulting opportunities, Workflexi metamorphosed into an exclusive platform for contract and consulting jobs. We do not want to create just another ‘job portal’. We have plenty of them already.


What we want to create, instead, is a revolution in the employment system. Bring to fore the advantages of working in a contract job. This hitherto frowned upon work arrangement has endless benefits for both the employee and the employer. So, in addition to setting up the platform, our job is also to make contract employment popular and a way of life, going forward! The volatile/ fluctuating world economy fuels our attempt. What more, we pave the way in your pursuit of passion. We propagate work at will! Work in a 6-month contract job and pursue your passion when you are not in a job.

Indian staffing industry is worth INR 270 billion, growing at 10-15%. Flexi staffing forms the biggest chunk, growing at 30% CAGR. Go through these links to understand why flexi staffing is the future! (; Having a curated platform specifically targeted at flexi staffing (white collared) is the need of the hour!

All we need is your support in this endeavor. This platform is for you and of you! We have only covered 1/10th of our journey… In the coming days you will see a lot more of us. Cheers! 🙂

PS: We are bootstrapped, looking for our first round of funding to scale up quickly!


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